I’m a B2B/tech copywriter, a content strategist, and a freelance writer, journalist and editor based in Singapore, but I take commissions around the world. I've been a copywriter for close to ten years, and a freelance journalist since 2016.  

As a B2B copywriter, I've written and produced the content strategy for companies like Symantec, Veritas, Singtel, IBM, HP, HPE, Fuji Xerox and other enterprise brands.

As a journalist, my main beat is videogames. I've written for Polygon, Rock Paper Shotgun, PC Gamer, EGM, GameSpot, Eurogamer, USgamer, Kill Screen, Bandcamp and more. I'm also a games editor with Unwinnable, and an editor at Haywire. The New York Video Games Critics Circle has also awarded me with the Knickerbocker Award for Best Games Journalism in 2019 for this piece

My free time is spent climbing boulders and making music. I'm also very passionate about sleeping and eating.


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